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Strong organisational learning is one of the key capabilities for organisations to survive and thrive over longer periods of time. This is one of the themes we at Eicorn enjoy most to work with, and an area where we have great expertise and long experience. If you are looking for a solution to enable a larger group of individuals to take one or several of our courses, you've come to the right place! 

Services for Organisations

How we support organisational learning experiences

  • Bulk enrolment

    You don't need to instruct your group to go to our site and create accounts, we can simply enrol your users all at once. They will get a welcome message with instructions to set a password.

  • Custom modules

    We can help you create one or several modules to complement our course for your specific need. It could for example be how the topic we are teaching relates to your organisation.

  • Custom notifications

    We can set your users up to receive emails customised to your needs, as they go through our course. Or to not receive emails from Eicorn Academy at all if you wish. It's completely customisable.

  • Periodic reports

    We will provide you with monthly, biweekly, weekly, or even daily user statics as needed. Our reports cover course engagement, completion, test scores, and more.

  • GDPR compliance

    Account data is only accessible by key individuals in our organisation that are trained to handle personal data. Our user database is managed by Eicorn's registered DPO.

  • Invoicing

    It's not very practical to have all your users pay individually by card, or to share one card across several accounts. So we offer invoicing as a payment options to organisations, anywhere in the world.

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-Linus Bille, Founder and Course Facilitator
Linus Bille

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