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  • Full ISO 56002 course
  • Will resume after end of 24h free period
  • 6 months access
  • Accredible Certificate (Block Chain)
  • Community membership
  • Exclusive Digital Meetups
  • Digital toolbox (e.g. checklists, templates, guides)
  • Bonus module “innovation leadership strategies”
  • One-on-one coaching sessions with course instructors
  • 2-hour crash-course for your top executives
  • 00% organisational discount
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
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  • Full ISO 56002 course
  • Will resume after end of 24h free period
  • 12 months access
  • Accredible Certificate (Block Chain)
  • Community membership
  • Exclusive Digital Meetups
  • Digital toolbox (e.g. checklists, templates, guides)
  • Bonus module “innovation leadership strategies”
  • One-on-one coaching sessions with course instructors
  • 2-hour crash-course for your top executives
  • 30% Organisational discount
  • 60-day Money-back guarantee
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  • Full ISO 56002 course
  • Will resume after end of 24h free period
  • Lifetime access
  • Accredible Certificate (Block Chain)
  • Community membership
  • Exclusive Digital Meetups
  • Digital toolbox (e.g. checklists, templates, guides)
  • Bonus module “innovation leadership strategies”
  • One-on-one coaching sessions with course instructors
  • 2-hour crash-course for your top executives
  • 50% Organisational discount
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

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Who's investing in this course?

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In case you missed it

This is what six members of our Innovation Management Community have to say about the course

Bianca Welds

Digital Innovation Manager at Victoria Mutual Group

"The course is very detailed with a lot of additional resources. The material is not only tightly linked to the ISO 56002 standard but the instructors include tips from their experience to help make it more practical and applicable to the real world, including things to look out for when creating an innovation management system. 

The insights around leadership were particularly useful to me in providing some clear guidelines on where to improve my own innovation leadership skills. 

Having taken the course, I plan to use the material to improve the systems in my work and provide more structure around our processes, even if not yet planning for full adoption of the standard. The course will help a lot with guiding how to structure a solid innovation management system that can create real results."

Rod Netterfield

CEO at Netterfield Consulting

"I recommend the Innovation Management course by Eicorn Academy. It clearly articulate the standard requirements, provide practical advice and suggestions for real-world application, and features a comprehensive list of further references to continue to enrich your learning. 

I appreciate that ISO 56002 takes a holistic view of innovation management systems, extending beyond the organisation and its core business to also consider the external environment and context, through to end users and customers."

Corrado Patierno

Senior Innovation Manager at National Authority for Digital Transformation (Italy)

"I found the course to be very complete, unlike the other ISO courses that I have followed in the past, this course is less schematic and more oriented to give a form of thought oriented towards innovation. Very rich in extra content of articles and advice on books outside the course which I find really important.

Taking this course had a direct impact on my career and way of working. Firstly, it helped me better qualify work activities that I was already doing with a pattern very similar to that of ISO 56002. Secondly, I could build my ISO 56002 "quality manual", specifically built to follow innovation projects. Thirdly, but not least, writing academic articles on innovation based on the content and techniques described by ISO 56002."

Shehu Idris

Head of Finance and Accounts at Food Processing Company

"I like the ISO 56002 Innovation Management Systems course because it sits well with my aspiration of always breaking the jinx and challenging the status quo, I expect the effect of taking this course to project my image among my colleagues."

"The direct insight I got from this course is that any organisation that fails to innovate stands the risk of self extinction. I will apply every bit of my learning outcome to the way I run my department, my dealings with our internal and external customers and new products design."

Juan F. García Diaz

Partner at E-COGNITO

"I was astonished when I found the Eicorn Academy ISO 56002 course because it was just what I needed for my activity as consultant in Innovation Management. I work with ISO 56002:2019, and previous standards since long ago, and I know that guidelines are not enough to build a useful system. What is needed is the background of concepts, tools and experience contained in this course to ensure a valuable outcome. Thanks Jenny, Daniel, and David, you are the best!"

Fakhruddin Saifuddin

Innovation Management Systems Consultant at Innovexol

"Congratulations to Eicorn for initiating this course on ISO 56002, I appreciate the hard work, dedication and efforts of the entire team. The course is well designed and comprehensive with real life examples and experiences. The videos and Eicorn’s reflections in each module are very helpful in understanding the standard.

The lessons learned during this course will go a long way in my innovation work. Thank you Eicorn!"

The course's average rating is 4.7/5

These are some of the reviews we have received, good and bad for your consideration



Donald Patrick Lim

"I was a skeptic at first, but the more I delved deep into the course, the more I realized how many components of innovation I need to consider. Very comprehensive and realistic to the needs and demands of the organization."

Great value and content!


Rene Churquina

"Excellent companion for your innovation journey!"

Very best course


Corrado Patierno

"I think this course is the best course that I followed in my life on innovation management"

Such a great course


Vinil Patel

"I found this course very useful in getting a detailed understanding of ISO 56002. The content is very well structured, relevant to the standard, easy to understand and comprehend."

Amazing course!


Suzan Alghanem 

"You guys inspire me!"

Very informative insights


Subbarao Jayanti

"It is maintained simple approach of explaining the ISO standards and its need for any organization."

Understanding ISO 56002 and innovation


Urban Persson

"Very tangible and constructive guidelines for why, what and how. In addition, if an organisation is not ready to innovate it will continue on the business development road."

A guide to effectively implementing innovation


Abayomi Akindele

"I am looking forward to the roadmap to effective innovation in my organization and in helping others to achieve impactful innovation in theirs."

Innovate or Disintegrate


Ma. Celina I. Matias

"It is very interesting. It provides me with a deeper understanding on what really is innovation, its prerequisites, benefits and what it takes for organizations to harness a mindset towards innovation... It must be embedded in our company culture if we must stay in business. More complex than I thought but an eye opener."

Highly engaging and very pratical course


David Taylor

"Eicorn's online course on innovation is mind engaging, systematic and a highly practical look at ISO 56002. As Director, Innovation and Digitalisation I appreciate Eicorn making this available at a fair price that I can encourage throughout our organisation and beyond."

Innovation Management Systems


Phillip Jones

"Well paced and with extremely informative tutor conversation with follow up questions and literature with additional detail. Enjoying very much, many thanks! :)"

Best Online Course!


Jamiu Badmos

"Very apt , insightful and awesome!"

Best Online Course!


Jamiu Badmos

"Very apt, insightful and awesome!"

Leading Innovation Course


Domagoj Saric

"Course is clear and straightforward in content with storytelling and system-thinking approach showing how complex content could be simplified into small logically interconnected "bites". Just like innovation should deliver novelty and value."

Course review after completion


Maxime Dolphin

"Really impressed by the content and the depth of the training material (videos, texts, articles,...). Impressive work from the team, and I really hope I will be able to use it in my daily tasks!"

Excellent framework


Khouloud (Coco) Sabbagh

"Great resources"

Great structure and experience


Markus Heinen

"Super structured, Clear messaging and learning experience. Videos with great scripts and references. Well done."

Course feedback


Matthias Klostermayr

"Great learning experience. Enough details, great further reading and helpfull videos. I'm already working on the transfer of this into my daily work. As we actually don't have any innovation management system I'm quite sure we wont be able to implement a full compliant system to ISO 56002 in the first step but it is great to have the knowledge to guide the right direction and give input to my colleagues."

Very valuable course!!!


Vyacheslav Bityutskiy

"Highly recommended!!!"

Course is very dry to consume


Enri Chantal Strobel

"please consider changing your font to one more easy to read. it is very hard to concentrate when letters are "swimming" in front of your eyes. there are great fond supporting also dyslexic readers which are much liked by "normal" readers as well
more graphics would be much appreciated, texts in existing graphics are sometimes much too small
the course sometimes leaves the feeling of being too much concerned with positioning your company in front of the audience
I like the handouts and further reading recommendations
still, it was hard to concentrate while consuming the course - I am confident that you're still iterating on it but as it is now I would not recommend it "

Student's perspective


Kinayoor Madathil Krishnadas

"Covered the standard in detail. Many external references, tolls and questionnaire for different stages provided. Shared insights form Organisations experience in implementing the IMS. Overall an excellent learning experience."

Thank You!


Stella Cheung

"Thank you Jenny, David and Daniel providing this online course. The course is well designed and the video, reflections and additional reading materials are very useful in understanding what exactly is ISO 56002 standard and why it matters."

Final Assessment and entire course


Mauro Ippolito

"Very clear and interesting"

Very Nice put together


Mihai Nicolae RADU

"The approach is really empathic and with a broad information base. Will push on and keep you posted."

Good, but could be better


Jan Gliszczynski

"Probably the biggest piece of feedback I could give you is that although the videos and text do a good job of providing the information the course is far too reliant on text. What would be incredibly useful here which you do not provide hardly any of is visual representations of steps. In the deployment section for example there is nothing, but a lot of things could easily be put into a kind of graph that for example shows the relationship between the maturity stages of the deployment and the actions taken. This makes it far better for understanding and would make it much easier to remember."

Great course for innovation managers!


Ofentse Mautle

"I really enjoyed this course and extracted lot of value from it."

ISO 56002 IMS useful to start building it


Alberto Gómez María

"ISO 56002 IMS is a well designed course, it is useful to start the building a simple IMS with a view to start/enhance the innovation culture and conveying the leadership/ownership with the vision of integrating it within the overall business strategy. Thank you very much!"

Great Course


Ahmed Taha Abd Elhameed

"This is a grate course about innovation . Thanks a lot!"

Great course!


Bianca Welds

"This course is very detailed and provides excellent insight into how the ISO 56002 standard can be applied. It goes beyond the checklist nature of it to help you understand the relevance of the different sections and key things to think about in designing an innovation management standard, especially to be compliant with the standard. The additional information around leadership was very useful as well, to help innovation leaders consider how they can improve their own leadership competencies. I will be referring back to this course many times over as I apply the lessons to my innovation work."

Detailed descriptions

of features and components

  • Full ISO course and access options

    This refers to the 11-module online course outlined here. To take the course you need an internet device with a standard browser, a laptop och desktop computer, with a broadband connection, is recommended.

    The access period refers to the time you will be enroled in the course and have access to the assets detailed in the course package. The day of purchase counts as the starting date. "Lifetime" means for as long as we offer this course. There is no expiration date on downloadable content, such as complimentary PDFs.

  • Certificate on course completion

    Once you have completed the course, including the final test, you will have the option to create and download a personal course certificate. This is currently presented as a branded PDF but will soon be available as a verifiable digital certificate through Accredible.

  • Community membership

    Eicorn Academy features its own community platform, integrated into the online learning platform. For as long as you are a registered user on the platform you will have access to the general forum (subject to community guidelines), and for as long as you have access to the course you will also have access to the dedicated ISO 56002 forum. Other special forums for special interest groups may also be available, depending on your course package, industry or specialty.

  • Exclusive Digital Meetups

    Eicorn arranges free digital meetups, which may be how you found us in the first place. But we also offer exclusive digital meetups to innovation professionals and leaders, at least four times per year. These meetups features special guests, deep-dives within specific areas of innovation management, Q&As and other valuable components for our students.

  • Digital toolbox (e.g. checklists, templates, guides)

    Our digital toolbox is a work in progress and will grow over time as we add more and more checklists, template documents and other tools to it. You will have access to it directly through the course platform, and it will be designed to directly integrate with standard office/collaboration software and services, such as Office 365 and Google G-suite.

  • Bonus module “innovation leadership strategies”

    Innovation leadership is eventually going to be a complete course in itself, but during fall 2020 we plan to make a whole extra module on the topic for the ISO 56002 course, with exclusive access to innovation leaders. This exciting extra module will teach strategies for leaders to build innovation knowledge, reputation, communication and persuasion skills.

  • One-on-one coaching sessions with course instructors

    This is the first of two exclusive, expedited features: We invite you to book up to 5 30-minute sessions with one of the course teachers, or a senior Eicorn partner such as one of our founders, during the first 8 weeks of your course access. You can chose to set these one-on-one sessions up as either introductions to specific modules of the course, or as guided reflections after taking specific modules. This is a great way to explore how the core concepts of ISO 56002 relate to the specifics of your own organisation.

  • 2-hour crash-course for your top executives

    This is the second of two exclusive, expedited features: After taking the course (or large parts of it) you will gain a lot of traction by getting your senior manager onboard, so we offer a 2-hour digital crash-course for your top executives. This allows your top management to understand your agenda, share your language, and develop some urgency for innovation in general, and innovation management in particular.

  • Organisational discount

    If you plan to train innovation teams or other special departments (or everyone in your company, as some do) this is a great feature to invest in! It simply means that your company can buy additional course packages (any level) with a specific discount applied. If you, for example, buy the Innovation Leader package you can buy 5 or 10 or 23 Innovation Professional packages for your team at a 50% discount!

Money-back guarantee

If this course doesn't meet your expectations, we offer a full refund guarantee, within 30/60/90 days of your purchase. To date, we have not had a single money back claim. Nonetheless, it is there if you need it. Our only additional term is that you have not generated a course certificate.
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Is it possible to upgrade from one package to another?

Yes, there will be opportunities to upgrade your package, in whole or in part. These upgrades will be available during and/or after summer 2020, and our enroled students will learn about them through email, forums and digital meetups. Upgrades will have their own independent pricing.