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Access proven methods and strategies to radically improve innovation.

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By participating in this program you will get:

A blueprint for a system that will increase the probability of success in innovation projects AND allow you to scale the number of projects running in parallel

Tools & templates to build your innovation system, as well as hands-on training in applying them

A powerful external network of people working with the same challenges and towards the same goals as you are

The 3 steps to accelerate innovation

Access proven methods and strategies to radically improve innovation with our fully digital coaching package with weekly training, coaching and networking sessions.

This program will improve your innovation result using Eicorn’s supercharged method for strategic decision making. You will learn to master this tool and other great frameworks to transform the way you approach innovation.

You & Your Team

First Month

The first month is dedicated to boosting your resources, strengthening and aligning you and your team, in your ambition to increase innovation capacity

  • Introduction & Orientation
  • Set & Reflect on Your Ambitions
  • Boost & Expand Your Network
  • Form Your Winning Squad

Methods & Strategies

Second Month

Once you have your ambitions sorted out, we will co-create the methods and strategies with you, to generate concepts and bring the future closer

  • Explore The Future
  • Communicate The Strategy
  • Create The Concept Engine
  • Establish The Lab

Multiply & Scale

Third Month

Finally, we fire up your innovation engine and help you nurture an innovation culture that improves and adapts to new insights and opportunities

  • Run The Machinery
  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
  • Evaluate The Result
  • Build & Scale

Your Innovation Journey

We will take action and help your organisation by increased structure and reduced stress. We will provide you with tools for improved decision making, setting the foundation for a robust system for innovation management. A necessity if your ambition is to scale the innovation activities. In the long run, this will ensure increased returns on investments into innovation. Together with our team of innovation experts and a select group of like-minded innovation professionals we begin your journey.

  • Training
    We have a proven track record with training that results in direct applications and benefits

  • Coaching
    Our innovation experienced coaches will provide you with key insights and guidance

  • Structure
    We will provide and co-create with you the necessary structure to help you succeed

  • Network
    Tap into our network of innovation professionals and connect with other innovation leaders to share experiences through our program

The Weekly Loop

We will make sure that you always work on the right things, and coach you out of difficulties

The Challenge

Each week is unique and comes with different themes and challenges. We start each weekly loop by handing out a bundle of activities designed to accelerate your innovation capacity. 

The Toolbox

 We have created a toolbox giving you the proper structure and methods to scale faster to be able to progress and expand. Make it yours. 

The Coaching Session

Each week and month, we offer a digital coaching session with our innovation experts. Here you are able to share your learnings and gain key insights.

Our innovation coaches

Jenny Hammarberg

Jenny is the CEO at Eicorn, with more that a decade of experience as a Management Consultant. She has extensive experience from establishing and developing innovation management programs, strategy, business development and change management. Jenny’s primary expertise lies within the areas of leading corporate transformation, and especially the type driven by innovation.

Linus Bille

Linus is the founder and chairman of Eicorn, and is deeply involved in every aspect of innovation work we do with big corporations as well as start-ups. He has more than 20 years experience as an entrepreneur, innovator and leader in larger organisations, and is frequently invited as a keynote speaker on international events on innovation, startups, and venture finance.

Daniel Borg

Daniel is one of Scandinavia’s foremost experts in designing innovation programs in large organisations. He brings innovation management experience from Toyota, Volvo, WSP and other global organisations to Eicorn’s services and learning experiences.


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What other Innovation Leaders like you have to say about us

Maria Brogren

Director of Sustainability & Innovation WSP Sweden

“Working with Eicorn, we benefit from their deep theoretical and practical knowledge of how to design a well-functioning innovation ecosystem, and from their experience of starting and working with startups.”

Dan Henriksson

Business Development Buildings HSB Göteborg

“Eicorn has helped us to become much more focused in our innovation efforts. Thanks to Eicorn we are now working with innovation and business development for real, not just for show”

Madelene Lindberg

Sr Manager Innovation & Digital Services Volvo Cars Group

“The unbiased and evidence based outside perspective that Eicorn could provide for our new digital innovation roadmap really took it to a whole new level."