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We have created the structure and templates you need to get a head start with ISO 56002

So, you have decided to build a high-performing innovation management system compliant with the ISO 56002 standard! That's a great decision with a high probability to pay off big time. 

The first thing you should do (if you haven't already) is to buy a copy of the standard itself. 

Secondly, we strongly recommend taking our online course on ISO 56002 and innovation management in general. This will help you interpret the standard. 

Thirdly, unless you chose to buy a course bundle from us that includes the Digital Toolbox, you should buy this standalone pack of documents to save countless hours trying to get all the procedures, documents and checklists in place that the ISO 56002 standard requires. 

Included in the toolbox

These templates and 7 other required resources are included in the package

  • Innovation Vision

    Template file, guide and checklist to create and document an Innovation Vision statement for your organisation, as required by ISO 56002

  • Innovation Policy

    Template file, guide and checklist to create and document an Innovation Policy for your organisation, which is also a requirement of ISO 56002

  • Innovation Strategy

    Template file, guide and checklist to create and document an Innovation Strategy statement for your organisation, which is also a requirement of ISO 56002

  • Innovation Objectives

    Template file, guide and checklist to create and document proper Innovation Objectives for your organisation, in line with Innovation Vision, Strategy and Policy

  • Innovation Process

    Template document and an extensive example (in Powerpoint) of a proven Innovation Process that organisations can use to improve or benchmark on

  • Innovation Competencies

    Template document, guide and Spreadsheet example (Excel) for how to assess, develop and document Innovation Competencies and Skills in your organisation

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The resources included, e.g. templates guides and checklists, cover 13 key innovation management areas and are neatly organised as a "mini-course" on our platform. So, every downloadable asset is accompanied by a description of its appropriate use, and key questions to work with in order to turn the template into an official document adopted and owned by your organisation.

All documents come in the standard Microsoft Office format (docx, pptx, xlsx)

What is ISO 56002?

ISO 56002 is a guiding standard on how to build innovation management systems, and part of the ISO 56000 innovation management series. 

As described by the International Standards Organisation: 

“[The]… document provides guidance for the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and continual improvement of an innovation management system for use in all established organisations.”

The standards cover the following areas:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Processes & Structure
  • Internal and external forces
  • Performance measurement
  • Continuous improvement

Why a standard for innovation?

The world is experiencing an unprecedented rate of disruptive technological, social, and environmental change. The predictability of the past is gone. 

The world is changing fast, and this shows in the data:

  • Only 44% of today’s industry leaders have held their industry leader position for at least five years, compared to 77% 50 years ago

  • The gap in profitability between the top- and bottom-quartile has almost doubled in 30 years

  • GDP growth has declined by more than 1/3 in the past decade

  • One out of three public companies will cease to exist in their current form over the next five years- a rate six times higher than 40 years ago

And corporates have a hard time to cope with this increased rate of change:

  • 6% of all business leaders that are satisfied with the results of your company’s innovation work

  • 70% of all innovation- and 70% of all digital change programs fail

  • 95% of all product innovation fail

And this is where the 56000 innovation standard series can play a vital role:

  • Alice de Casanove, Chair of the ISO technical committee responsible for the standard, says "all organisations, whatever their nature or size, need to continually evolve in order to survive, and the ISO 56000 series will help them to do that in a structured and effective way.” 

  • ISO 56002 as described by ISO: “The purpose is to provide guidance on how an organisation could build and what needs to be addressed to build an innovation management system without detailing the specific system itself.”